Authorized Torque Lock Installer

Authorized Torque Lock Installer

Structural failures know no bounds. That's why we use Torque Lock Staples.

Here at Rafa & Rafa we believe in offering our customers the best for their pool repair needs. A variety of different conventional approaches have been attempted, but with little success. For example, epoxy injection, although these types of sealants are largely insoluble in water, they cannot be forced deep into cracks. And, such conventional materials do not adequately bond to the adjacent surfaces of fractures in the concrete. At the most, epoxy sealants will only form a surface patch over the problem. Water will eventually seep in and around the temporary patch and escape through the cracks in the concrete.

The Torque Lockô Staple is a revolutionary technique that is great for repairing structural cracks on any solid cement based surface. Using its patented Cam Lockô technique, it stabilizes the crack by creating up to 5000 lbs of compression torque for each staple installed and keeps those 1/4" fractures from becoming a 1/2" fractures.

While others attempt to "glue" cracks back together, Torque Lock Staples prevent your cracks from ever budging again.

We use Torque Lock Staples on:

bulletPoured Block

We use Torque Lock Staples to repair:

bulletSwimming Pool Cracks
bulletSpa Cracks
bulletBasement Cracks
bulletConcrete Cracks
bulletFountain Cracks
bulletFoundation Cracks
bulletSea Walls
bulletGarage Floors
bulletOr any other Structural Crack Repair

If you have a crack in your pool, call us today: 210-545-1190 for a free quote.

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