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~Celebrating our 27 year Anniversary~


***We are currently updating some of our pricing on our website. Please call or email for current pricing. Thank you.***
Pond Maintenance Products 

Algae Treatments, Biological Boosters, Water Conditioners, Barley Products, Bacteria, Fish Food, pH Balance & Test Kits, Pond Care Products, Aquatic Plant Products, Fish Nets, Pond Thermometers, Scarecrows, Heron Crane Decoys, Fish Medications, Gloves, Waders, Pond Accessories, OASE Pondo Vac 3


Waterfeature Equipment

Pumps, Filters, UV Clarifiers, Replacement Parts, Skimmers, Air Pumps, Fountain Jets, Fountain Heads, Lighting


Pond Kits & Components 

Pond Kits, Disappearing Waterfall Kits, Components, Fittings, Pipe, Pond Liners, Underlay, Universal Repair Tape


OASE Solar Products

Equipment draws power directly from the solar modules, excess power charges the battery. Solar battery powers the equipment when bright sunlight is not present.

****E-STORE UNDER CONSTRUCTION**Please call us to place an order*210-422-7166 or 210-545-1190***


Oklahoma and Texas residents must pay sales tax.

Shipping & handling costs are not included in the listed prices.


Packages that are 150 lbs and lighter are shipped via UPS ground service unless it is requested otherwise. Express UPS services (Next Day Air, Second Day Air, etc.) are available. 


Keep in mind that freight companies & UPS do not count weekends, holidays, or the day of shipment in their delivery times. For example, an order shipped UPS 2nd Day Air on Friday will not be delivered on Sunday, but rather Tuesday.

UPS Transit Times
Note: Do not count the the shipment day, 
weekends or holidays in transit time.


Packages in excess of 150 lbs are usually shipped via Con-Way Freight Truck. Through a special agreement with our supplier (Rafa and Rafa), all usual surcharges for residential deliveries are waived so picking the shipment up at the freight dock or searching for a business to accept delivery for you isn't necessary. Con-Way (and all other truck freight companies) do require that someone be present for delivery. Con-Way uses large, 40' long semi trucks so your  location must be easily accessible for the truck to make the delivery and turn around. Off-loading your package from the truck is your responsibility, although sometimes the driver will assist you. Under no circumstances will We be held liable for unloading your product or additional delivery charges incurred if your ship-to address is inaccessible to the delivery truck. 



We will help coordinate delivery time with the shipping companies. We cannot guarantee delivery times and will not be held responsible for costs associated with delayed product delivery, including but not limited to labor stand-by charges or equipment rental


We do not ship out of the lower 48 states. It is impossible to provide adequate customer service to Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories

***Please call us today @ 210-422-7166 or 210-545-1190 to place an order****


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