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For ponds containing live plants and fish. Green water is caused by single-cell algae, blanket-weed and string algae. AlgaeFix is an effective, E.P.A. registered selective algae-control product that solves algae problems. With its unique formula, AlgaeFix can be used in waterfeatures with live plants.

Key Benefits

bulletDiscourages the growth of many forms of algae. 
bulletHelps eliminate algae blooms.
bulletCan be used on ponds with live plants and fish


Description ITEM # Price
AlgaeFix 8 oz.

Treats 2,400 gallons

Item-169A $8.95
AlgaeFix 16 oz.

Treats 4,800 gallons

Item-169B $13.95
AlgaeFix 32 oz.

Treats 9,600 gallons

Item-169G $21.49
AlgaeFix 64 oz.

Treats 19,200 gallons

Item-169D $36.00
AlgaeFix 1 gallon

Treats 36,400 gallons

Item-169C $62.00
AlgaeFix 2.5 gallon

Treats 96,000 gallons

Item-169J $109.00



CrystalClear Barley Straw Pellets

CrystalClear Barley Straw Pellets utilize barley degradation technology to help manage pond problems throughout Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall. When placed in an area of the pond where there is a steady water flow, the barley pellets will slowly degrade. As the pellets degrade, they emit a substance that assists in keeping your pond clean all season long. 


Helps remove the pond owner's worst problem


Slow, sustained release


Easy application includes flow-through net


3 month application


Safe for fish & plants


Treats 3000 gallons

Barley Straw Pellets


Application Directions:

Simply remove the bag from the box & float it in an area where there is water movement, around a waterfall, spitter, stream or in an in-pond or out-of-pond filter. This will facilitate a gradual degradation of the barley & allow for more barley extract to be released into the pond system. One 2 lb. bag will treat 3000 gallons of pond water. After three months, replace the bag with a new one to begin the process again.



Savio Barley Straw Extract


250 ml extract is the concentrated equivalent to six barley pillows


Performs better than messy, decomposing barley straw


Better results in a wide range of temperatures & pH levels


Safe for fish & plants


Made of extract of barley straw


See results in 2-3 weeks

8 oz Treats up to:
1,000 gallons initial dose
6,000 gallons maintenance dose


16 oz Treats up to:
2,000 gallons initial dose
12,000 gallons maintenance dose


32 oz Treats up to:
 4,000 gallons initial dosage
 24,000 gallons maintenance dosage


64 oz Treats up to:
 8,000 gallons initial dosage
 48,000 gallons maintenance dosage




Waves of Grain Barley Straw

Barley straw mini logs are great for treating ponds of all sizes. Use one mini log for every 100 square feet of surface area.
Barley Brick- lb


Barley Brick- 1 lb


Barley Bag- 2 lbs




CrystalClear Biological Clarifier Plus

CrystalClear Biological Clarifier Plus with Activated Barley works to remove sludge, organic materials, uneaten fish food & fish waste quickly & efficiently.
bulletNaturally reduces organic material & sludge
bulletSeeds biological filters
bulletSafe for fish & plants
bulletTreats 12,000 gallons
Biological Clarifier Plus- 12 oz




Pond Care Pond Zyme Plus

Pond Care Pond-Zyme Plus

Specially selected bacteria strains in Pond-Zyme Plus immediately begin breaking down fish waste & dead algae that cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, & debris that clogs pumps & filters. Pond-Zyme Plus reduces pond maintenance & keeps pond water clean & clear. 100% natural & safe for all pond fish, plants & wildlife.

Cleans & clarifies pond water


Starts working in minutes

bulletEliminates troublesome organic sludge & debris
bulletHelps maintain a natural healthy balance in the pond

8 oz Treats 8000 gallons


1 lb Treats 16,000 gallons




Pond Care Pond EcoFix

Murky, cloudy water keeps you from enjoying your pond & fish as much as you'd like. In addition, dissolved organics & sludge build up & reduce the oxygen concentration in the water, creating a breeding ground for disease-causing, pathogenic bacteria. By digesting sludge & reducing dissolved organics, EcoFix reduces organic pollution, increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water & maintains a healthy ecosystem in your pond.

Helps create a healthy ecosystem for pond fish


Makes pond water clean & clear

bulletBreaks down dead algae
bulletIncreases oxygen level in pond water

8 oz Treats 2000 gallons


16 oz Treats 4000 gallons


32 oz Treats 8000 gallons


64 oz Treats 16000 gallons


Shake well before using.  

Initial Dose or Quick Clean-up:

Add 2 oz (60 ml) per 250 US gallon (945 ml) twice a week for 2 weeks.

Maintenance Dose:

Add 1 oz (30 ml) per 250 US gallon (945 ml) ( cup per 1,000 US gallons) every 2 weeks.

End of Season Dose:

Add 2 oz (60 ml) per 250 US gallon (945 ml) twice a week for 2 weeks.


CrystalClear RapiClear

CrystalClear RapiClear is designed to clear pond water by combining suspended particulate (organic material) via a process known as flocculation. This allows all suspended organics within the water column to be attracted together & easily removed leaving the pond ecosystem sparkling clean. 


Combines suspended particulates in pond water for easy filtration


Fast, effective cleaning action


Safe for all aquatic life


Treats 16,000 gallons

RapiClear-  23 oz



Pond Care Accu-Clear

Quickly clears cloudy pond water by causing tiny suspended particles of dirt & debris to clump together, forming larger particles that fall to the bottom of the pond & are siphoned out or removed by the pond filter. 

Keeps ponds clear during peak summer months


Quickly clears cloudy pond water

bulletUse in conjunction with Pond-Zyme Plus for a cleaner, clearer pond
bulletImproves filter efficiency

8 oz

Treats 2,400 gallons


16 oz

Treats 4,800 gallons


32 oz

Treats 9,600 gallons


64 oz

Treats 19,200 gallons


1 Gallon

Treats 37,854 gallons




CrystalClear Foam Remover

CrystalClear Foam Remover will remove protein foam from your pond or fountain's surface in seconds. Many fountains are collection areas for organic materials. This build-up, in combination with the heavy aeration common with the splashing of a fountain or a roaring waterfall often results in foam formation.


Completely removes foam from water


Works in seconds


For use in ponds, fountains & statuary


100% natural & wildlife safe


Treats 4000 gallons

Foam Remover


CrystalClear Foam Remover will remove foam from the water's surface within seconds of application whether it be a pond, fountain or statuary application. Foam is caused by excess organic material in the water column.

If foam continues to be a problem after the initial treatment, treat the pond again at the same dosage rate until the foam dissipates. For heavy organic loads & heavy foaming, it is always best to supplement the water column with a bacterial product to assist in the removal of unwanted organics. We recommend CrystalClear Nitrifier.

CrystalClear Foam Remover is 100% natural & safe for fish, birds, plants, frogs & all wildlife known to frequent a pond environment.



OASE Microbe Balance

For new ponds or when adding or changing water

Microbe Balance will provide proper microbes to jump start the nitrogen cycle for proper pond balance. Add directly into the filter for best results.

Microbe Balance should be added if large amounts of water are added or changed.

16 oz bottle treats up to 5000 gallons.

Microbe Balance




CrystalClear Test Strips

CrystalClear Test Strips are designed to to give the pond enthusiast a quick & simple means to measure for pH, Nitrite & Buffering Capacity. CrystalClear Test Strips should be accurate within a certain level to alert the pond enthusiast to any problems they may have with their pond.






Buffering Capacity

Contains 25 Test Strips

Test Strips




Pond Care pH Up

Slowly adjusts the pH of pond water, which can change from day to day, without harming delicate pond fish or pond plants.

Makes water more alkaline


Phosphate-free & will not promote algae growth

pH Up- 16 oz




Pond Care pH Down

Slowly adjusts the pH of pond water, which can change from day to day, without harming delicate pond fish or pond plants.

Makes water more acidic


Phosphate-free & will not promote algae growth

pH Down- 8 oz


pH Down- 16 oz




Pond Care Summer Staple Pond Food

In summer months, with water temperatures above 65F, koi & goldfish have an increased metabolism & require increased protein for increased energy needs. This is when Pond Care Summer Staple Pond Food is the perfect pond food for koi & goldfish.

Summer Staple Food- 10 oz


Summer Staple Food- 20 oz


Summer Staple Food- 41 oz


Summer Staple Food- 15 lbs



For feeding fish when the water is warm, above 65F


Rich in easily digestible proteins, amino acids, & vitamins

bulletContains a stabilized vitamin C & a complement of important vitamins & minerals to help maintain the immune system of pond fish
bulletContains spirulina algae, chitin & caroteen to develop vibrant fish color
bulletFormulated with wholesome ingredients such as spirulina algae, shrimp meal, and fish meal for increased growth



TetraPond Flaked Goldfish Food

TetraPond Logo

The "primary meal" for 
goldfish & small Koi

 Easily digested. Ideal for all small & medium sized pond fish. This special formulation provides a nutritional diet, ensuring your fish remain active & as colorful as nature intended. Easily digested for less waste & better water quality.

Flaked Goldfish Food- 6.34 oz


Flaked Goldfish Food- 4.52 lbs Bucket



Guaranteed Analysis:

Min Crude Protein ..... 32.0%


Min Crude Fat ..... 3.0%


Max Crude Fiber ..... 4.0%


Max Moisture ..... 10.0%


Min Phosphorus ..... 1.0%


Fish meal, Ground brown rice, Wheat germ meal, Feeding oat meal, Dried yeast, Potato protein, Wheat gluten, Shrimp meal, Soybean oil, Wheat flour, Fish oil, Sorbitol, Lecithin, Dehulled soybean meal, Algae meal, L-Ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (Vitamin C), Artificial colors, Ethoxquin (preservative).



36303_PF_SCHERE_01_C.JPG (7653504 bytes) 
   Pond Scissors

Easy to handle tool to facilitate the trimming of dead or overgrown plants in or around the pond.

Key Benefits

bulletPerfect for trimming water lillies
bullet49" handle length


Description ITEM # Price
Pond Scissors Item-36303 $39.98



36304_PF_ZANGE_01_C.JPG (7728896 bytes) 
   Pond Pliers

A handy tool used to remove unwanted objects from ponds and other hard to reach places.

Key Benefits

bullet49" handle length
bulletAlso great for placing fertilizer tablets in your water lillies


Description ITEM # Price
Pond Pliers Item-36304 $39.98



36828_PF_HOSE_01_C.JPG (6664704 bytes) 36827_AF_HANDSCHUH_03_C.JPG (14382848 bytes)
      OASE Pond Waders

Key Benefits

bulletGet in the water with out getting wet
bulletBuilt in Rubber Boots


Description ITEM # Price
Waders 6.5 Item-36304 $79.98
Waders 8.5 Item-36304 $79.98
Waders 10 Item-36304 $79.98
Waders 11.5 Item-36304 $79.98



36827_AF_HANDSCHUH_06_C.JPG (3807488 bytes) 
OASE Pond Gloves


Description ITEM # Price
Box of 10 Item-36827 $8.48


37102_PF_Pondovac_11_E.JPG (8654492 bytes)  37102_PF_Pondovac_12_E.JPG (7765121 bytes) 
     OASE PondoVac 3

Keeping the pond floor clean and free of unsightly floor sediment, plant remains, and sludge is necessary, and unfortunately it is often quite tiresome. Now with the Pondovac 3 from OASE, this is no longer the case.


PONDOVAC 3 avoids the annoyance of container capacity restrictions, allowing the pond to be vacuumed continuously.


Two cylinders, identical in size, are filled and emptied in alternating cycles. If one container is full, a valve is mechanically activated by a float. This triggers emptying of one chamber while the other is being filled. That is how it is able to vacuum and empty it self simultaneously. 


The built-in wheels allow for easy movement and transportation.

The PondoVac 3 includes a special string algae nozzle, a wide nozzle, with a rubber lip, a crevice tool and a floor nozzle, the vacuum tube extension, as well as a debris collection bag for the water return.

The result is a product that pond owners will love. It saves time, facilitates pond cleaning, and gives an awesome result.

Key Benefits

bulletBasin fills and automatically empties in about 1 minute
bulletRemoves dirt particles up to 3/8" in diameter, such as algae, silt, leaves, dead plants 
bulletBuilt in check-valve prevents sludge from returning to the pond
bulletDebris collected can be spread directly over your garden as fertilizer for plants via the discharge hose
bulletMultiple nozzles and attachments for different applications
bulletDischarge Net
bulletRack to easily organize and store tools


Description ITEM # Price
OASE PondoVac 3 Item-37230 $474.99



Use as a decoration or to deter herons from coming to your pond by making them think another heron is already there.

 Heron Decoy

Heron Decoy



Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves

These lightweight nylon knit gloves fit like a second skin. Tougher than rubber, the nitrile coating protects palms and fingertips from the hazards of serious gardening. These ultra thin gloves let you feel what you're doing: weeding, pruning, even picking up individual seeds!

Available in Small, Medium & Large.


Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves- 1 Pair



Atlas Nitrile Tough Gloves

The Best Gloves for Building Ponds 

The flexible nitrile coating is tougher than rubber, protecting palms & fingertips from the rigors of every day work. Seamless lightweight black nylon knit liner increases comfort while it repels dirt & stains. Ideal for jobs requiring maximum dexterity & freedom of hand movement without the fatigue associated with heavier, bulkier gloves. Machine washable.

Available in Medium, Large & Extra Large.

Atlas Nitrile Tough Gloves- 1 Pair




Water Garden Leaf Net

The nets are knitted from UV stable polyethylene with 5/8" openings and include plastic ground stakes. Netting will not retain moisture and handles temperature variations extremely well.

This netting is heavier than others and designed to last several seasons. This is not cheap, throw-away leaf netting.

Leaf nets are packaged by Goodwill Industries.

Available Sizes

7' x 10'
includes 8 stakes


14' x 14'
includes 10 stakes


28' x 28'
includes 12 stakes


50' x 50'
includes 20 stakes




Leaf Netting

Leaf Netting with brass grommets

Netting shields the fall from falling leaves & debris, also protects your fish from predators. 

All leaf netting includes brass grommets around the perimeter for easy installation. The netting can be secured by placing stones on the edges or by staking the netting down.

Available Sizes

10' x 10'


10' x 12'


10' x 15'


10' x 20'


12' x 15'


12' x 20'


15' x 20'


20' x 20'


20' x 25'




Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Submersible Pond Heater

The Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Submersible Pond De-icer was designed with small and preformed ponds in mind. When used as a submersible, the Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate works great in all ponds up to 300 gallons, 18 inches deep or less

When the Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate is used with the Float Attachment (sold separately), it works as a floating pond de-icer, great for any pond large or small.


Uses only 300 watts


Thermostatically controlled


Dual purpose- Submersible or Floating


Perfect for small or preformed ponds


Will not burn preformed ponds or liners, no additional parts required


Inlets allow use with air or water pumps


15' cord


Two-year warranty

** This product keeps water from freezing but will not
 maintain a constant, elevated water temperature



Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate
Submersible Pond Heater


Heater Float


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