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~Celebrating our 27 year Anniversary~




Below are pictures of a natural looking drainage canal we created in Cross Mountain Ranch.  We lined the existing plain cement drainage slab with boulders and then shot gunite on top of the existing slab.  We carved and sculpted it to look like natural stone.

This is a 400 yr old hand carved limestone fountain from France.  We very carefully and meticulously put it together with cement and redesigned the hydraulics so that it would work with a submersible pump and underwater  light.  This is in Cross Mountain Ranch near Leon Springs.

It was a challenge making cementing each piece of stone with out letting the cement in the joints be visible.


Since this type of fountain is designed to be placed against a wall, we had to improvise since our clients wanted it free standing and were going to have a sitting area directly behind it.  We constructed a faux rear section of the fountain made of cement and cinder block.  This way were able to integrate an access panel for the valves and electric.  We finished the new rear with a thin coat of cement that we hand textured, carved, and stained to try to match the 400 yr old fountain.


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