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~Celebrating our 27 year Anniversary~



~Courtyard/Pool Renovation in Bluff View Estates ~

We Removed Old concrete decking, coping, and tile.  Leveled the pool, created new stained concrete w/salt finish concrete decking, coping, tile, planters, plaster, and laminar color-changing fountains.  Then landscaped the beds.

click here to see the job pics, start to finish


Above: Before

Demolition Time!

Laminar Jet Fountain installation

You must look at these color changing Laminar Jet fountains at night to get the full effect, but here you can still see some of the light reflecting through the stream of water. 

Finished installing the Base (crushed Limestone) and starting the rebar work


Now waiting on Special order Iridescent Glass Tile to be manufactured so that we can proceed with the project.

Above:  Old tile removed, now to fix the bond beam (to level the pool)

Wood forms complete, now ready to pour on top of bond beam to level it before tile installation

Above:  A generous amount of bonding adhesive is applied to ensure a strong, chemical bond between the old cement of bond beam and the new fortified cement we are using to level the pool.

Above:  Now that forms are off, scored/perforated the tile area to prep it for the fortified brown coat that serves as a waterproof backing for new tile

Below:  It took almost four months for the Artisan in California to hand craft the custom tile.

  "At last, the special order iridescent peacock glass tiles finally arrive!!!!!"


Tile Installation

(Rafa Jr & Rafa Sr )

Above:  Notice the beautiful color changing iridescent glass tiles

Large Structural Crack Repair using Torque Lock Cams

Above:  Rafa Sr. teaching the dog, Construction 101

Cutting the concrete to give it a contour that follows the lines of the pool better

Forms in, now ready for the pour!!

Above:  Cantilever forms for the concrete coping

Above:  Creating the salt finish on the new decking/coping

Above:  Working fast before the concrete sets

Above & Below:  Acid Staining the new decking/coping

above:  the stain before it is neutralized, scrubbed, and washed


Above:  before sealing the decking/coping

Below:  Sealing the deck with a slip-resistant glossy acrylic clear sealer

Above:  Taking the proper measures to protect/cover the tile and coping from the plaster.

Above: Cutting new niche to modify the existing old niche to successfully retro fit the new larger pool light.

Above:  Sr. holding the new LED Fixture ready to be mounted on the modified/fabricated light niche

Below:  Plaster Time!!!

Above & Below:  Sealing the freshly power washed pebble finish





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