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~Celebrating our 27 year Anniversary~



~Custom pools & spaS~

All of our custom pools & spas have a life time warranty on the structure of the shell.  Our shells our made with gunite and re-enforced with 1/2" Steel Rebar with 9" centers and 4.5" on parts of pool deeper than 6 ft. We use 2" sch 40 pvc pipe in both the suction and return lines, optimizing the flow.  

All of our works are 100% Custom. We do not use templates. Let us design your pool to fit your needs, dreams, and exceed your expectations.

Both Rafas personally oversee and participate in all of our projects.

The individuals of our pool crew are of the most experienced and elite of the industry. 

We do not do volume. We only do select works of art, which we take great pride in.  We are Artist.


Under Construction.       More pictures coming soon.



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